Nimbus™ PainPRO

Nimbus™ PainPRO is an adaptive and reliable technology that combines the accuracy of an electronic infusion pump with a simple user interface for patient interaction. It is engineered to be forward- thinking and is capable of delivering advantages that meet the evolving needs of pain management.


Personalized Therapy

  • Programmable Delay Start time with a range of 0-24 hours
  • Extend duration of therapy; add up to 1 extra day without adding drug to the bag
  • Customizable reservoir volume from 10mL to 1000 mL


Simplified Drug Delivery

  • Draw medication from a standard IV bag
  • Easy to fill in the pharmacy
  • Fewer restrictions on reservoir volumes
  • Reduce inventory SKUs
  • Selectable Bolus Options
  • Multiple pre-programmed On-Demand bolus options and lockout time
  • Customizable Auto-Bolus therapies
  • Bolus menu available at no extra charge


Easy to Educate

  • Simplify programming the patient interaction
  • Easy to understand on-screen icons reassure patients the device is working properly
  • No battery to change